Wednesday, July 1, 2009 update on the Castaneda's :)

Good evening my fellow bloggers :)

I have finally returned to the blogger world to update you family and friends that like to keep up on us Castaneda's. We've been pretty busy but the busy-ness has come to an end for the next 6 weeks as I'm off of work for the summer...YEAH!! I love working for the school district and being able to have the summer off!!

Today we took Diego to the dentist for his very first appointment. Diego did a fabulous job!! We were SO proud of him!! He allowed the dentist to look in his mouth and at all of his teeth! The dentist asked Diego " many teeth do you think you have?" Diego responded with "All of 'em!" LOL!! Silly lil guy ;) After the dentist looked at his teeth the dental assistant took two x-ray pictures of his teeth...and once again he did FABULOUS!! Here are a couple pictures of Diego at the dentist...the first one is of him sitting in the chair right before they took the x-ray pictures...the second one is of him waiting in the waiting-room (he had to bring his paint brushes to the dentist!).

We spent the whole weekend in the pool at Poppa Huizz's house because it was just way to HOT to not be in the water!! Diego learned how to swim by himself with a life jacket on on Friday!! It was pretty cool & once again we were super proud of him. The only bummer is that he wouldn't let me take any good pictures :( He kept telling me "I'm swimming mommy...I'm going in circles...I can't smile cuz I'm doing cirlce" PUNK!

On June 16th we had Diego's 3 year appointment, my OB appointment and glucose I was SO lucky to spend about 3/4 hours at Kaiser that afternoon...blah!!! My appointment went well, as did my glucose test. My doctor even said that I'm measuring on schedule...even though I feel HUGE and feel that I'm bigger than I should be! She said it's just because I'm carrying different from last time. And I think that my lil girl is just HUGE! I swear I wasn't this big last time ;) Diego's appointment went well...the only concern is his smallness!! The doctor recommended to get blood drawn to check his growth hormones and other stuff just to make sure nothing is wrong...which because Steve and I are not very tall ourselves, we're pretty sure everything is just fine. We still haven't heard anything back yet from the tests...but we'll keep you all posted. Here's a picture of Diego showing of his bandage from his blood test...he's actually smiling about it...but he was NOT smiling when they did the test :( I almost started crying with him :( He was SO brave though!! We ended up going straight to Toys-R-Us to get a prize for being so brave and eating at McDonalds for dinner. Yes...he's just a lil spoiled :)

Happy Father's Day DADDY!! Diego woke up on Father's Day and told Steve "Happy Father's Day Daddy...give me a father's day kiss!" :) We went to our favorite spot Plaza Del Sol for breakfast/lunch with Steve's dad, then we visited Grandpa Hector (Steve's mother's boyfriend), then we went home and took a nap while Steve ran and had baseball practice with my dad...then we went to Poppa Huizz's for a BBQ. It was a great day!! Here's a picture of our lil growing family on Father's day 2009♥

That's about it for now...I'm still doing great in school!! Just recieved another 100% in one of my classes. I actually have this week off of school (my college school) but start a new course on Monday the 6th. We get to go see our little girl tomorrow for a 3D ultrasound appointment :) Oh...I almost forgot...we finally picked a name MELILLA!! We are still discussing the middle we'll keep you posted. Her name is a town in Spain and also a Hawaiian name, in hawaii they spell it Maliah but we like the Spanish spelling better. We actually picked this name 10 years ago when we saw it on a map of Spain...but we were just a little disappointed that the name has become more popular from ten years ago, and with Obama's daughter having that name too we weren't sure if it was going to become even more popular...but because we love it so much and can't find another name that we like better it's going to be Melilla. Plus... Diego says it so well and it's so cute when he says it AND my niece kept calling her Baby Charlette for some odd we HAD to make a decision so she didn't start thinking that her name was Charlette! LOL!!

Have a nice night...we'll put pictures of Melilla's 3D ultrasound from tomorrows appointment soon!!


Mrs. V said...

Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see the ultrasound of baby Malilla!

Leslee said...

Welcome back to the blogger world!! Your update was packed full of information, but so grateful or it!

Love your baby daughter's name - and the unique spelling will make it her very own! P.S. Love the Hawaiian reference... :-)

Mitch said...

I am so glad to see you and the family are doing well, congrats on the new addition that is coming! You guys look so happy!!!

Louie and Chuente said...

How cute! I can't believe how big Diego is getting :) Melilla is a beautiful name - congratulations again! Hope you have a wonderful shower today, wish Louie and I could be there to see you and the fam. We send our love from Argentina XoXo